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Amazon Reviews

This book is a must have for any basketball parent. While very well written, this book also strikes an optimal balance between articulating first-hand anecdotes and providing practical guidance on how to navigate the youth travel & competitive basketball landscape. The book is not only pragmatic, but it is also filled with insightful, useful information and practical tips while simultaneously being a delightful read. This is a MUST read for the basketball parent!

As a parent of a high school age student athlete and as a current high school Head Coach this book explains the aspects of the parent and athlete experience with precision. This book is a great guide and support for parents to navigate the journey of their child's basketball experience.

The Parent's Section: Outside the Locker Room is a wonderful book for parents of young athletes. It's an easy read with lots of details about the sports including the good with the bad. I appreciate how the author utilized case studies throughout the book to support her research. Highly recommend!

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