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Front: Dylan Johnson
Back: Umair Khan

About the Book

In the United States, youth athletics is a $19 billion industry. Compare that to the NFL ($15 billion) or the NBA ($10 million), and you will understand why coaches refer to youth basketball as
“a business.”
The players are on a congested road in a complex system.
This book is to assist parents in the navigation.


“Over the years, I've found too many parents, including myself, struggling through the youth basketball world. With all of the changing rules and regulations, unwavering competition, and limited spots, trusting the process is not enough. From one basketball parent to another, here is the first written guide to ensure your student-athlete has a fair shot at finding the right coaches, teams, and schools.” 

Simone Joye

With captivating commentary from parents, players, and coaches, it is a data-driven resource based on the author’s seven-year journey with her son—from travel teams and high school gyms to college arenas. It is a must-have resource if you are a part of
The Parent’s Section: Outside The Locker Room.  

Let's Talk About Youth Basketball

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