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Giving has always been an important part of American civic life.

In 2021, the amount of money going to charity in the United States was $480 billion. However, the number of Americans who give to charity is shrinking. There are larger gifts, but fewer donors

Online crowdfunding campaigns have larger draws than giving to institutions. It is easier to direct money to online platforms without a nonprofit "middleman." 

Nonprofits must have creative and impactful ways to reach donors. 

We provide the solutions for high-performing nonprofits to obtain six- and seven-figure funding through a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and strategic contemporary approach. 

Iconic Services


Nearly 90% of all fundraising dollars
 come from just 12% of donors. Major gifts can make up the majority of an organization's yearly budget. We assist in creating fundraising strategies for these opportunities.  We show our clientele how to cultivate donors and build strong relationships with wealthy donors, including millennials, who seek to make an impact through gifts of appreciated securities (like stocks) and real estate. Over the past decade, the stock market grew by more than 300%, and your wealthiest supporters' average income increased by more than 25%. There’s never been a better time to build relationships and inspire potential donors to make a larger impact. 

Image by Susan G. Komen 3-Day


Our CEO began writing successful grants in 1993 and has grown in expertise in the fundraising sector.  Our in-depth knowledge of the process has raised over $100 million for worthy causes. 
We follow fundraising trends and provide unparallel services using the latest AI technology and CRM system to increase funding portfolios from government, corporate, and private sources.


We provide comprehensive board intelligence services to support your board of directors and help them maintain effective, high-functioning boards. Our services help your trusted leadership fulfill their legal and fiduciary duties ensuring they are well-equipped with corporate governance strategies so your organization functions at its highest potential.


Our Interim Development Director service is the perfect solution for nonprofits experiencing turnover. With an average tenure of only 18 months and a shortage of qualified candidates, our services will ensure that your fundraising efforts continue, and your donors have the reassurance of a trusted and experienced leader. Whether you’re in need of a Development Director for one week, or the next three months, we have the senior-level staff necessary to provide effective results.

Ausiliary Services

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We offer evening, weekend and holiday services to finalize grant proposals facing a pending deadline. 

Motivational Speaker


People give to people.We create strategies to promote your Executive Director/CEO as a brand ambassador while increasing their own personal brand. We help them become well-known authorities and trusted experts utilizing traditional media and social media channels. 

Online Payment


The largest donation killer for nearly 50% of nonprofits is usability problems relating to page and site design. It is now 7% more difficult to donate to a charity than to buy a product on an e-commerce site. -responsive for donations.

Are donors giving to your online through your website? Is it time to update your donation giving page?

We fix your first impression and ensure your website is mobile-friendly and mobile.

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