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Call for Panelists

Thank you for your interest in this monumental event to help parents of student athletes. 

Please complete the form below for our open panels. 
All panels will be conducted via Zoom. Each panel is one hour and will consist of 2-3 panelists.  
Add your social media handle, or website and we will promote you. 
If you have any questions, please email, Simone Joye -


Deadline for submissions: July 12, 2024, or until all panels are filled. 

About the Conference

Outside the Locker Room (OTL) is a virtual conference tailored to support parents of student athletes. Over two days, via Zoom, participants will engage in discussions and gain knowledge from the experiences of other sports parents, coaches, student athletes, and leaders in the sports industry.

The event was inspired by Simone Joye's insightful book "The Parent's Section: Outside The Locker Room" and her ten-year journey helping her son from the 8th grade grassroots level to the ACC conference and graduate school at Boston College, where he now plays. 


Youth sports are evolving rapidly, and parents should stay abreast of these changes, or risk their student athlete falling behind. Seize this invaluable chance to join the discussion. 

Open Panels

AHEAD OF THE CURVE: NAVIGATING THE FUTURE LANDSCAPE OF YOUTH SPORTS: In a rapidly evolving landscape, youth sports are undergoing significant transformations that extend far beyond the boundaries of the field. Join us for an enlightening session  to explore the future of youth sports while examining the importance of fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within youth sports programs. Explore strategies for creating inclusive environments where athletes from all backgrounds feel valued, respected, and empowered to succeed.

(We have three men joining us, we are seeking a woman to join this panel)
In recent years, negative parent behavior has unfortunately tarnished the spirit of youth sports, leading to diminished enjoyment for both children and adults alike as well as a decrease in sports officials. In this session, learn effective communication techniques for interacting with coaches, referees, and other parents to foster a healthy and supportive sports environment for student athletes.

This session is designed to support siblings of student athletes. Being the brother or sister of a dedicated athlete can bring unique challenges and opportunities. In this interactive session, we'll explore strategies to help siblings thrive in their own pursuits while navigating the demands of being part of a sports-oriented family, as well as discuss how parents can manage feelings of competition, jealousy, or neglect that can arise when a sibling is deeply involved in sports.

Panel of Interest

Thank you. Your submission has been sent. 
We will contact you via email no later than July 15th.
If you have any questions, please reach out to Simone Joye at

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