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Collar BandAccess

Hello and thank you for viewing my invention, the Collar Band™ which you may access below. 

Non-Disclosure of Collar Band™ 

By viewing the Collar Band™ invention, you acknowledge and agree:

Simone Joye is the sole inventor of the Collar Band™. This page was made available to you only by Simone Joye, or a representative of S Joye & Associates LLC. If any other party has shared this site with you, you are to immediately exit. You agree to keep all information related to this invention, including proprietary information, undisclosed to any other person or party who is not an employee of your company.  Furthermore, no right or license, or transfer of technology, expressed or implied, is granted to you in connection with the Invention or any Proprietary Information disclosed. 

Understood and Agreed to the Collar Band™ disclosure terms.

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