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You are under no obligation to hire us.

• Assess our organization's current fundraising efforts; • Develop a tailored, innovative, and sustainable fundraising strategy; • Identify and prioritize potential funding sources; • Assist with the creation of effective fundraising materials; and • Train and support our staff in implementing the fundraising strategy.


Comprehensive Funding Strategy:  We will review your "public" perception of your nonprofit, which includes your 990, website, social media, traditional media and your internet footprint. We then will provide you with a 1-2 page synopsis of where we see funding gaps and/or the potential for funding. Fee: $250; Value: $1,000.

Board Intelligence Reporting:  You let us know the challenges you are facing with your boardA 30 minute conversation with the Executive Director/CEO. 

Complimentary Tax Incentives for Charitable Contributions (for individuals):  Share your passion with us and we will set you on a course for charitable contributions and how you can take advantage of both short and long term tax savings. 

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Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, we cannot assist all who need our help. If we feel we can partner with you, one of our team will be in touch shortly.

S Joye & Associates LLC 

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