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Inventor: Simone Joye
USA Provisional Patent 63/629,360 : 10/17/23
Foreign Filing Status Granted 11/3/23

The innovative way to capture sweat using absorbent material in a garment's collar and shirt hem. 


The Story Behind SweatyCuff

As a mother involved in sports, it frustrates me when my son resorts to using his basketball jersey or T-shirt to wipe sweat from his face. 

While playing basketball, players often sweat/perspire profusely, resulting in moisture accumulating on their faces, necks, upper chests, and upper backs. As a result, many players wipe off sweat using the lower front portion of their jersey, or they endure the discomfort until they can access a hand towel off the court. 

Similarly, construction workers, outdoor enthusiasts, runners, and others who sweat often use the bottom of their T-shirts or raise their collars to wipe the sweat off their faces and necks. This practice leaves their shirts damp and soiled, while stretching out the collar, causing the garment to lose its original fit. 

In 2023, after years of development, the SweatyCuff™ was created.

The Need for Innovation



SweatyCuff™ is sewn into sports jerseys, T-shirts, and other garments to absorb sweat without damaging the garment.

SweatyCuff™ is for people of all ages.

How It Works


Who Uses It

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The Benefits

Contact: Simone Joye, Inventor

S Joye & Associates
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White Marsh, MD 21162
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