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conference sessions

Opening Remarks

Day 1: 

The  importance of parents respecting the authority and decisions of coaches and officials, to foster a culture of sportsmanship and fair play both on and off the field.

Day 2: 
How Parents can support prioritize the holistic development of young athletes, which includes not only their physical skills but also their academic, social, and emotional growth. 

NIL, Agents, and the Transfer Portal

A discussion to assist parents in understanding the changes to Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) regulations, the role of sports agents, and their connection to the NCAA Transfer Portal..                                   

Parent's Chat

Parents of current and former college and professional players share their insights to help other parents.  

Parent's Networking Hour

Lunch Break. Parents are invited to Join us for an exclusive lunchtime session. This non-recorded gathering is the perfect opportunity for parents to exchange tips, share experiences, and gather valuable information from one another.

Coaches and Parents Working Together

Discover effective strategies to foster positive communications between coaches, parents and referees outside of the locker room through a culture of good sportsmanship.

NIL and the Lawmakers

A discussion from lawmakers on the College Athletes Protection & Compensation Act. 


Beyond the Field: Navigating the Future Landscape of Youth Sports

From advancements in technology to changing parental roles and community engagement, we'll examine how these factors are influencing the landscape of youth sports.

Mental Wellness in Youth Sports

Breaking the mental health stigma and silence with essential insights and practical strategies for nurturing mental wellness and resilience in young athletes, ensuring their  development and long-term success in sports and life.

The Parent's Role in College Recruitment 

A discussion on how parents can effectively engage during the college recruitment process by understanding the expectations from both high school and college representatives.

Player's Chat Lunch Hour: The Role of Mom and Dad Supporting Athletes 

Grab your lunch and join us for discussion with current and former student-athletes who share their insights on parental involvement in sports. 

NIL Money, Contracts and Your Student-Athlete

Delve into the realm of contracts, financial considerations, legal implications and working with Collectives. Learn how to safeguard your student-athlete's interests while maximizing their potential in the NIL marketplace, ensuring a secure and prosperous future both on and off the field.

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