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Athletes are not just born but raised. 
The influence parents have on a student athlete’s basketball success is profound. Yet, traveling in the ever-changing youth basketball world as a parent can be confusing, overwhelming, and glorious all at the same time. 

From one parent to another, The Parent’s Section: Outside The Locker Room is a comprehensive, inspirational self-guide for parents who are seeking to help their student-athlete find success from the high school and grassroots levels to college recruitment and ultimately obtaining a coveted basketball scholarship.

The author, Simone Joye, draws upon her love of basketball and her seven-year  "Momanager" experience with her son, Chad Venning, who has played on several AAU teams, was featured with his team in a Google Pixel 6 commercial at the inaugural NBA HBCU Classic, and has received two D-1 college scholarships (Morgan State and St. Bonaventure). Simone also comes from a family of "ballers." Her uncle played for, and helped expand, the renowned Holcombe Rucker League during the 1960s and she has a host of other relatives who have played basketball at DI and DII colleges, in the EuroLeague, the G-League and the NBA. Simone also serves on the Steering Committee of
The College Basketball Parent’s Association (CBPA) which provides support to parents of college and high school basketball players.   

"Over the years, I found too many parents, including myself, struggling through the youth basketball world. With all of the changing rules and regulations, unwavering competition and limited spots, trusting the process is not enough. Parents now have the first guide at their fingertips to help ensure their student-athlete has a fair shot at finding the right coaches, teams, schools, and correct resources so they can celebrate success in youth basketball from day one." 

Simone Joye

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